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Airtel to get Google help in SDN, NFV, 5G development

Will get the benefit of Google's long experinece in building next-generation networks

Google has announced that it is teaming up with carriers like India's Bharti Airtel and South Korea's SK Telecom to share its mobile networking technology. This would help the carriers build their next-generation networks efficiently.

Google will be sharing new technologies such as software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), and site reliability engineering, and helping the operators deploy 5G networks quickly.

Speaking on the partnership, Shyam Mardikar, CTO Wireless (India and South Asia), Airtel said: "We look forward to collaboration with Google on this exciting initiative. It's great to see Google bring the benefits of their networking technologies to carriers. This will bring greater efficiencies and capabilities to mobile networks and enable us to rapidly innovate on new user experiences".

Google in a statement said "Over the years, we've built and managed networking infrastructure to help us provide Google services to people around the world. Our infrastructure spans many areas, from the fabric that binds together servers within our data centers, to the backbone network that links these data centers, to our edge nodes which hundreds of network operators deploy to deliver our services efficiently. Across
all of these, we've relied on common design and operational principles, such as the use of software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and site reliability engineering, to help us deliver our services reliably".

"Our SDN framework enables networks to adapt to new services and traffic patterns. Fast user space packet processing on commodity hardware increases the ability to deliver new features quickly while reducing costs. And simplified workflow management and automated testing help quickly launch and iterate on new features. This platform also builds on our existing efforts to jointly experiment with mobile operators on richer APIs. These APIs will enable new operational models and help operators bring new features (such as Smart Offline) to people".

Google recently collaborated with Telenor and 26 other carriers to develop Rich Communications Services (RCS) and introduce it in the areas of Europe and Asia for Android users. RCS is the enhanced version of SMS and Google is vying to deliver an update to the long existing SMS-based messaging.

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