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Reliance Jio pushes towards modern networking technologies

While expanding its all-IP converged network, Jio and collaborator Cisco eye a more programmable, virtualized infrastructure

India's Reliance Ji created a buzz when it notched 100 million broadband and VoLTE customers, reaching the milestone within six months of launch. However, its network has been criticised as faulty with call drops reaching high levels.

So at the Barcelona mobile meet Jio announced an expansion of its multi-terabit all-IP converged network, with Cisco collaboration, that would enable it to offer a combination of high-speed data, mobile video, VoLTE, digital commerce, media, cloud and payment services.

The Jio all-IP digital platform is being built with Cisco's Open Network Architecture and Cloud Scale Networking technologies including IP/MPLS, spanning tree, data centre, Wi-Fi, security and contact center solutions. Cisco says it is building a "programmable infrastructure to simplify, automate and virtualise core network functions".

Jio already has more than 300,000 km of fibre and has built India's largest cloud data centre that could house platforms for applications and vertical solutions.

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