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Latecomer Amazon opens data centers in Mumbai

Joins other big names in focusing on India's enterprise market

Amazon's cloud services division, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its first set of India data centers in Mumbai this month to cater to cloud computing services here.

Amazon says India is already one of its largest its cloud computing markets, with 75,000 customers out of its one million active customers globally.

However, Amazon is a latecomer in India. Microsoft already has three data centres and IBM has two, while several others like NTT's Netmagic have large data centre operations in India. There are a few regional players like CtrlS and NextGen. Microsoft says its cloud services are growing over 100 per cent a year in India, and growth has accelerated since it launched its cloud data centers last September.

Amazon, however, will offer serious competition at the top. Globally, AWS is by far the largest cloud computing player in the infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) space. According to Gartner, AWS has over 10 times the cloud IaaS compute capacity in use compared to the aggregate total of the other 14 major providers.

Gartner predicts the Indian data centre infrastructure market will total $2 billion in 2016, a 5.2 per cent increase from 2015. Key areas of growth include BFSI and telco, and the big guns are focusing on these markets.

AWS has started hiring aggressively to target enterprise customers in India. Amazon India already has 45,000 employees in India, with AWS team rapidly growing.

Based on story in Business Line

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