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Tejas Networks, IIT-Hyderabad to demo Cloud Ran

This is one of the first 5G projects to take off in India

Bengaluru-based Tejas Networks has been working with Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad (IIT-H) on a Cloud Radio Access Network (CRAN) project. A field demo of the technology is scheduled in about two months, project lead Dr Kiran Kuchi of IIT-H told ETTelecom.

Tejas Networks Chief Technology Officer, Dr Kumar Sivarajan said "We've provided them with the hardware (base station, radio et al) without which the project could not go forward. And what we are together trying to achieve will be of immense value not only for the industry but also for the customer."

Tejas Networks is one of the few successful technology-based companies in India. Having made a dent in the world market for SONET and other core telecom equipment, it has diversified into wireless, and has obtained considerable funding under the Government's Make-in-India programme. It has already embarked on many Make-in-India projects including a few in the defence sector.

In Cloud RAN, hardware that was once located at the base of a cellular tower is now being replaced by software running in a data center, creating a "virtualized radio network". Fiber links connect the remote radio heads (RRHs) to the data center.

Says Kuchi, "In the existing technology, base stations are not only bulky and expensive but prone to a lot of interference as cellular processing is at the bottom while the antenna and radio are at the top.....CRAN will have a central cloud server, which is easy to handle, connected to the RRHs which can be fitted at a low cost in any place."

The project has been in the works for two years, accordindg to Dr. Kuchi. The IIT-H team is coming up with a series of algorithms to enable Clour RAN to work, and "things are being done from scratch."

Kuchi added that the technology has a potential of connecting hundreds of radios and base stations. "We are, as part of the project, looking at connecting 19, which we believe is a good number to demonstrate efficiency".

Kuchi said that with a shortage of spectrum service providers are forced to re-use spectrum which is one of the main reasons for call-drops. "Our technology, which uses the Cloud, will cleanse the system while reusing the spectrum thereby reducing call-drops".

He added that the technology will ease the process of establishing communication networks in remote areas as it will cost less. World-over the conversation on 5G has largely been on how it will support the Internet of Things (IoT), and this technology will help.

Sanjay Nayak, CEO of Tejas, said "India is one of the few countries which has voting rights in the global 5G standardisation framework and all the learning from this project will help us in the future".

Based on Economic Times story

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