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C-DoT offers tech for solar-powered, long-distance Wi-Fi

With India's telecom gear imports crossing Rs.740 billion, there's a crying need for strong local initiatives

While Google, Facebook and Microsoft say they are designing new access products to connect rural areas to the mainstream, an Indian R&D unit has silently been designing Wi-Fi and other next-generation products that are suited for precisely this.

C-DOT, a department of telecom R&D unit, started some years ago by Sam Pitroda, Dr. M.V.Pitke and a few others, is using PM Modi's Digital India initiative to launch four new broadband projects:

1. Long Distance Wi-Fi System
2. Solar Powered Wi-Fi System
3. 100Gbps OFC Link
4. C-DOT Next Generation Network in MTNL Network

Long Distance Wi-Fi System

C-DOT’s Long Distance WiFi Solution extends WiFi & IP connectivity to remote areas "cost-effectively and power-efficiently" (it's solar powered). It can provide 100Mbps broadband "even to faraway locations", easily links with Optical Fibre at the WAN interface, and supports the hot tech of the future: Mesh technology,

Solar Powered Wi-Fi System

Solar Wifi operates in the license-exempt bands of 2.4 & 5.8GHz, and is designed for outdoor environments with no continuous-power guarantee. It can be used to backhaul-link Wi-Fi hot spots, cellular base stations, base station controllers, ATMs, database servers and the like.

It's also well suited to extend last mile wireless connectivity beyond the Panchayats, which are now being linked using the C-DOT-developed Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), which forms the backbone of Bharatnet - The National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN).

100Gbps OFC link:

Called "Suteevra", this mini 100G OTN (Optical Transport Network) platform is based on the latest standards, and deployable in both greenfield networks and existing OTN environments. It supports distances upto 50 Km without an amplifier

C-DOT Next Generation Network (NGN)

Successfully trialed by MTNL in India, this platform ensures TELCOs a smooth transition from legacy TDM technology to advanced VoIP technology.

With India's imports of telecom equipment crossing Rs.740 billion, there's a crying need for initiatives that bring advanced technology to the Indian ecosystem. A continuous and well-maintained link-up between C-DOT and other public and private Indian companies could achieve just this objective.

Is this too much to expect in the new-generation India?

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