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Hathway fires up Docsis 3.0 network using Broadcom chipset

The company says its 50mbps service will be a game-changer and has helped to reduce churn

Cable and broadband firm Hathway's Docsis 3.0 network has gone live in India in major cities Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Docsis 3.0 will provide high speed internet connectivity of 50 megabits per second. A complete portfolio of 50 mbps plans is being launched to cater to residential and corporate customers.

Hathway, which is investing Rs 600 million in its broadband business, is betting big on Docsis 3.0 to help reduce its churn in cities where the service is rolled out. “Our high-speed internet plan was very well received by customers in Mumbai and Pune and helped us reduce our churn rate from 2.5 per cent per month to 2 per cent" said Hathway Cable & Datacom MD and

CEO Jagdish Kumar while starting the service in Bangalore. Hathway offers cable television service across 140 cities and towns, and high-speed cable broadband across 20 cities.

"With the impending data consumption explosion in India, this high-speed internet service will be a game changer. We shall continue to invest in expanding this high speed broadband network" Gupta says. "With multiple high-tech gadgets being connected to the internet, the time spent on the medium is increasing at a galloping rate. The bustling e-commerce phenomenon, online shopping, social networking, online surfing, audio and video streaming, gaming, cloud computing, all go on to emphasize the momentum and traffic internet has gathered in the recent years in India."

Broadcom Corporation, a global provider of semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, has announced that its Docsis 3.0-based chipset is powering the new high-speed cable broadband service of Hathway. “Broadcom has been instrumental in developing the Docsis 3.0 standard for cable networks, enabling faster transmission speeds by adding
advanced media access control capabilities,” said Broadcom senior vice president of marketing BCG Rich Nelson. “By leveraging our Docsis 3.0 chipset, Hathway can dramatically expand value-added services to their subscribers, providing the enhanced entertainment experience viewers have been waiting for.”

Broadcom’s Docsis 3.0 chipsets enable cable operators such as Hathway to economically and reliably expand services to support high-value interactive applications, such as on-demand programming, for both residential and commercial customers. Optimised to meet the growing subscriber demand for high-speed broadband and streaming of HD content to multiple devices, Hathway is the first multi-system operator (MSO) to launch a Docsis 3.0 network in India which, according to Broadcom, is capable of transmitting high-speed data at speeds greater than 300 megabits per second.

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