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Intense war for mobile development talent

India among emerging hotspots; HTML5 as hot as Android, iOS

There is a significant gap in demand and supply of skilled mobile developers, and several large organisations are trying to fix this problem by tapping global talent hotspots in India, China, Israel and Europe, says a study.

Job postings for mobile developers has doubled in the last two years, but supply is growing only at 13 per cent, the study by Talent Neuron, a web-based talent planning and management platform from Zinnov LLC, says

To address the gaps, companies are going in for acquisitions, vendor partnerships, and leveraging global talent hotspots by expanding their R&D footprint in these areas.

The majority of mobile application talent is located in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), where 42 per cent of the top 25 cities for mobile development are located, with Finland, Tel Aviv and Moscow emerging as key locations.

Asia-Pacific is a hotspot for talent that works on Android platform, while iOS and Blackberry developers are less prevalent in the region.

The study found tremendous demand for HTML 5 development skills, which witnessed a 149 per cent increase in job postings in 2013, followed by job posts for Android app developers (146 per cent rise) and iOS developers (132 per cent rise).

Commenting on the findings, Talent Neuron Co-Founder and CEO Vijay Swami said, "There is an intense war for mobile development talent, fuelled by low availability and the dynamic nature of the industry which requires constantly updated skillsets."

The report notes that regions like the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, London and Tel Aviv can take on high-end work, while cities like Sydney, Tokyo, Munich, Sao Paolo are 'challengers' where talent predominantly works on testing and development.

The ecosystem is still nascent in emerging cities like Beijing, Bangalore, Shanghai, Dublin and Madrid, it adds

Based on story in Economic Times

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