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MTNL to deploy made-in-India carrier class routers

One step for ECIL and IIT Bombay. Perhaps a giant leap for localization

MTNL will deploy, across 8 sites in Mumbai, carrier ethernet switch routers manufactured by ECIL under license from IIT Bombay. The products were conceptualized and developed at IIT Bombay

This is perhaps the first occasion where a carrier-class technology developed at an academic institution finds way to a tier-1 provider in India in the transport network.

From each site, MTNL will offer carrier-class services to enterprise customers, government agencies and other bodies. These services would include Ethernet, leased lines and MPLS network access from 10 Mbps to 10Gbps.

The backbone of the network that would interconnect the CESRs will consist of 10Gbps links that would route Carrier Ethernet and Optical Transport Network (OTN) packets.

The excellent latency, low energy consumption will be new features that would be brought out by MTNL for customers across the city of Mumbai

MTNL has deployed an earlier version of the CESRs in their data center since May 2011

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