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Cloud pus WebRTC: killer ap for next-gen call centers?

New technology provides a big opportunity for call centers to cut running costs

What if your call center has its key backend infrastructure on the cloud? And your agent software allows inbound and outbound calls to be routed directly via a web browser?

According to two U.S. based companies, LiveOps and Twilio, this combination has the potential to power a whole new generation of enterprise call centers, since it would dramatically lower call center running costs.

LiveOps is a pioneer in cloud contact center solutions. Twilio builds Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), that make it easy for programmers to integrate various communication methods (like IVR, making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiveing text messages etc) into their software programs.

Twilio's client software for call centers delivers a single browser-based agent desktop ( agent desktops enable context-sensitive advice real time and streamline agent interactions). If used with the LiveOps Engage cloud contact center solution, it "eliminates the need for expensive servers, software, landline and phones required by traditional call center technologies", and offers "an opportunity for a company to forgo its telephony infrastructure and have everything-contact center plus telephony--in the cloud", according to the two firms.

The Twilio Client supports WebRTC, an emerging standard for browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat and P2P file sharing without plugins. It uses HTML5, instead of plugins using Flash or other proprietary approaches. With this solution, inbound and outbound calls are routed directly via a web browser, dramatically reducing costs and increasing agent productivity

WebRTC has been already added to Chrome and Firefox browzers, but its full backing (especially by Apple and Microsoft) is still in the future. When it emerges, though, WebRTC used with cloud resources could perhaps lead to a shake up in call center economics.

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