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Indian smartphone sales in high growth phase

Low-end smartphones see the strongest demand and the stiffest competition

Mobile phone sales in India grew 16% year-on-year in 2012 to reach 218 million units. Smartphone sales soared by 48% over the year to reach 16.3 million units, according to an IDC report. Low end smartphones accounted for majority of smartphone sales.

Indian manufacturers did well in the sub-Rs.10,000 category, to take a significant share of the smartphone market. According to the report, while the local vendors were dominant players in the sub $100 category, they gave a tough competition to global manufacturers in the $100-200 price range as well.

Android continued to be the dominant player in the market,but the last few months also witnessed the rise of iOS and Windows Phone as mobile platforms in the country. iOS phones got a shot from a change in Apple's strategy to permit instalment buying.

The Indian smartphone market is still significantly small when compared to China, where vendors were able to push over 150 million smartphone units alone. According to IDC, "This (Indian) market is expected to continue its growth into 2013, driven by the stupendous growth of close to 70 per cent in the smartphone market." India is expected to become the number three market for smartphones by 2017, and Brazil will be fourth, as those countries overtake mature markets like Japan and Britain, IDC said.

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